Am I a Candidate?

The Unique Benefits of CoolSculpting

Many dermatologists and cosmetic skin care experts are of the opinion that CoolSculpting has an edge over other fat reduction procedures, whether invasive or non-invasive. Traditional fat reduction treatments are still more suited in specific cases, depending on the patient’s needs and expectations. But state of the art technologies such as CoolSculpting are rapidly filling a wide gap in the market for cosmetic fat reduction.

Advantages over Surgery

With invasive treatments such as tummy tuck surgery or liposuction, the results are visible very quickly, and in some cases, the results can be quite dramatic. However, there is a large segment of patients who wish to avoid these procedures due to the potential risks and complications associated with a surgery, the patient’s general health condition, longer downtime, pain and discomfort, and higher cost involved.

CoolSculpting is an effective alternative solution to surgery, which avoids all of the challenges typically associated with a surgical procedure. It simply does not involve any incisions, and not even painful injections into the deeper layers of the skin. CoolSculpting uses a completely non-invasive revolutionary technology that freezes the targeted fat cells without harming the healthy skin or the surrounding tissue. The frozen fat cells eventually disintegrate and disappear, leaving the targeted area with reduced fat.

Advantages over Other Non-invasive Treatments

A number of new and innovative minimally invasive and non-invasive fat reduction treatments are available in the market today. Most of these treatments are based on laser, radio frequency, or ultrasound technology. Laser based treatments are more precise and less invasive compared to traditionally surgery. However, lasers may cause burns, pain, and minor damage to surrounding healthy tissue in some cases.

Similarly, radio frequency and focused ultrasound based treatments are essentially heat-based. Instead of using lights or lasers, they make use of RF or ultrasound waves to generate heat in order to melt away the unwanted fats. CoolSculpting is fundamentally different from all these procedures, and it is the only procedure that uses coolness instead of heat to achieve the same results.

Suitable Candidates for CoolSculpting

It is important to determine beforehand whether a particular patient is a good candidate for CoolSculpting. Some patients may be more suited for surgical procedures, and the doctor will discuss various treatment options with them. CoolSculpting should be avoided for people who are excessively overweight or obese. It is not a weight reduction procedure, but a procedure to reduce fat from specific fat pockets in the body.

A fantastic candidate for CoolSculpting is someone who is close to the ideal body weight, and the weight is fairly stable. Individuals who have maintained an active and healthy lifestyle respond well to the treatment. They may need to undergo this procedure because stubborn fat deposits do not become eliminated easily with diet or exercise. The ideal candidate will also have realistic expectations from the procedure in order to achieve satisfactory results.