More Natural Treatment

One of the downsides with fat reduction procedures such as surgery, ultrasound wave therapy, and laser treatment is that in many cases the procedure ends up destroying the surrounding healthy tissue as well which contained non-fat cells. As a result, the body requires more downtime to recover from the damage. With CoolSculpting, the advantage is that the procedure does not involve any aggressive extraction, shattering, or burning of cells.

CoolSculpting has been developed by Harvard scientists, and it is an FDA cleared procedure. It makes use of a focused cooling process that eliminates fat cells under the skin. The targeted cells are actually frozen to the point of their elimination. The health cells and the healthy skin continue to remain healthy. No scarring is involved in this process. The targeted fat cells crystallize, and eventually die and become eliminated naturally from the body.

Key Advantages

CoolSculpting has rapidly gained popularity as a cosmetic fat reduction procedure because of its lasting results and the minimum downtime involved. For people who are working or busy mothers, CoolSculpting offers the key advantage of very little time involvement. The procedure is simple enough to fit into the busy lifestyle of any individual. In fact, the patient can simply go back to work immediately after the procedure.

A single CoolSculpting treatment typically lasts for about an hour, which means that a busy individual can have it done even during the lunch hour at work. The results of the treatment become visible after the first session itself. Most patients can see a marked reduction in fat in the targeted areas. Full effects of the procedure are realized over a period of few months because the body takes time to dispose of the fat cells in a natural manner.

If your medical provider feels that additional treatment sessions can help reduce more fat, it may be done in consultation with the patient. Within a few months, the individual starts appearing slimmer and the clothes begin to fit better. The results with CoolSculpting are long-term and stable. However, the procedure is not a substitute for diet and exercise. A healthy and active lifestyle must be maintained in order to have sustainable long-term results.